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Participated in IAI Technology Day and sponsored the event. | Released schedules for new training batches Partnered with local health care service provider for DBA Services.

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SV Tech Global Training Division offers performance-focused instruction, providing our team with the technical skills and in-depth knowledge necessary for success.

Our instructors are IT professionals who possess expert knowledge, practical skills and experience, and the ability to communicate their knowledge and skills effectively. They work full-time in high-tech companies, R&D Labs and other real world environment, where they apply the technologies and skills taught in our classrooms.

By dedicating ourselves to individual information technology training, we stay 100% focused on achieving your personal training goals.

Our goal is to ensure that each participant leaves our training program with the necessary skill and confidence to deliver the technical support required in the industry, as well as with an understanding of how his or her specific applications are important to achieve success in business.


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